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Manage your benefits with United HR’s online system

United HR’s online integrated system provides a simple solution for managing new hire and open enrollment for benefits adminstration.

Information can be changed, updated or reviewed at any time, from any location. Employees can access their benefits information 24/7 from any place with an Internet connection.

  • Increases accuracy of data
  • Eliminates double entry
  • Saves time gathering information from employees
  • Reduces the number of calls to HR with questions
  • Reduces overall open enrollment costs

Simple Set-up

Each benefit plan is defined with information such as deduction amounts, open enrollment dates, and the new hire waiting period including monthly premiums by benefit level; different deductions based on pay grade, pay frequency, tenure, etc. Clients have the ability to customize the open enrollment benefit process and all of the specifics with benefit plans and benefit policies. Another system feature is the ability to upload forms and website links for employees to access, including carrier enrollment forms and links to provider websites.

Easy Access for Employee Self-Service

United HR’s Employee Self-Service provides a variety of options including the ability to view the benefits they are currently enrolled in and for which they are eligible to enroll during open enrollment or after their new hire waiting period. Employees can also view their actual per-pay-period deduction amounts associated with different benefits (health, dental, etc.) and benefit levels (employee only, employee and family, etc.) Employees can view their beneficiaries and dependents and make adjustments when they have a qualifying life event.

Benefit Administration Information Fully Integrated with Payroll

United HR’s single-database system means that when an employee’s benefits request has been approved the deductions are automatically updated for payroll—no rekeying of data.

Track and Report Benefit Information

United HR allows clients to easily report on any data stored in the system. We also offer numerous Benefit Administration reports that can be viewed or printed in Screen, Excel, ASCII or PDF formats. For example, the Employee Census Report compiles all the information an insurance company needs to provide a quote for your group.

Electronic Benefits Feeds to Insurance Carriers

United HR has established direct electronic connections with insurance carriers. This option allows eligibility information-- from new hire information and benefit changes to terms being electronically updated with insurance companies. Our system’s push-pull technology can also feed demographic information, such as address changes, which further reduces employee inquiries and tedious manual entry, which improves timeliness and accuracy.

On-line-- In Real-Time

United HR’s single data base approach for all modules assures that changes and updates are reflected immediately, in real-time throughout the system. An advantage compared to our competitors who house benefits modules on separate platforms and generally bridge those platforms with periodic updates causing output errors. For example, the timing of a change in an employee’s address may not synchronize with the benefits system which would require a manual intervention to determine which system houses the correct data before correcting the error.

If changes are made to a benefit rule, are the updates automatic?

Rule changes are instantly and automatically updated throughout the system.

Are the current deduction codes in the system tied to the benefit administration part of United HR, or are those different than what we have in the payroll system?

When benefits are set-up they can tie to existing deductions. The deductions don’t have to change.

How many forms can be added to the system?


What if I don’t want to use Employee Self-Service?

It is your choice whether to offer Employee Self-Service.

Can we utilize the Electronic Insurance Connection for our Benefits?

Most carriers participate in the electronic exchange depending on your carrier and the size of your group. Some carriers place restrictions on groups smaller than 100, some at 50 employees. Please check with United HR for the most current list of participating carriers and group restrictions.